Danger, High Tension!

Why goal setting is important

Goal setting resolves tensions between our brain hemispheres.


Our two brain hemispheres see the world differently and, for most people, are out of balance, the left being ‘first responder’ rather than the more natural right. This leads to tensions between the two hemispheres like two masses rubbing against each other but wanting to go in different directions, both impeded by the friction caused by the other.

An effective goal setting process aligns the two hemispheres together by using the left hemisphere to articulate what the right is yearning to do, for the long-term success of the whole person. When this alignment occurs the tension is resolved and there is a powerful release of energy that, at a high level, lasts for a couple of hours and at a lower level for as long as a year.

The two commonest higher order goals are for an individual to become as effective as they can be in their role (as a leader for example) in order to have a greater impact and, the other, for the individual’s organisation to become as effective as possible. In both cases each person has a number of actions or projects that will move them, as individuals, or their organisations to a higher level.

This underlines the importance of having a serious goal setting process.

John Corrigan