What do I Know?

A lot more than you think

Our education systems are focused on certifying and credentialing transportable knowledge.

Education systems have focused on transferring transportable knowledge, knowledge that can be passed over as facts and procedures and then passed back through testing. Memorising and recalling language-based facts and procedures is a left hemisphere activity.


The right hemisphere learns differently. Sensory and other inputs come into the brain and create extensive neural networks. Gradually, these networks are ‘compressed’ down to representing something we can hold in memory in one go and now we ‘know’ something. This knew knowledge then forms a building block for new learning.

Right hemisphere knowledge is completely unique to each of us. Anyone who has lived a long and complex life has a very rich store of knowledge. And all this has been happening as we have focused on teaching to the left hemisphere.

Unlocking this knowledge becomes a real possibility as we bring our right hemisphere back into play. The key to unlocking what it knows lies with the left hemisphere playing its proper role of articulating what the right hemisphere has come to know.

This comes in two independent ways, growth in consciousness and systematic articulation of what we uniquely know so that we can share it with others.

John Corrigan