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A culture of distributed leadership

Today, organisations need distributed leadership – leaders at every level and every outpost of the organisation.


Such leaders by necessity must be collaborative and at ease in engaging with new ideas, new people and new circumstances. They develop these capabilities - or not - by seeing how more senior leaders engage and lead those around them.

We want distributed leaders to be able to mentor, coach and lead others one-on-one and facilitate groups of people as high functioning teams. These are learnable skills. Senior leaders need to model them so that others can learn them.

The three key areas that underpin this modelling and learning are managing our time so that we are efficient and we can then mentor others to become so too. Second, managing our attention so that we pay attention to what matters - people around us, our and their growth and moving forward to a better future, the natural next step is coaching others to do the same.

Finally, managing our energy so that we are confident and optimistic, with a clear direction in mind. This is how we inspire people to follow us, how we become leaders.

A culture of distributed leadership stimulates everyone to develop leadership qualities and grow.

John Corrigan