On Time!

Managing our time well

Managing time well is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. We have the overall picture of what we’re making, we have put together the outside frame and now we are focused on putting in the pieces, some in this part of the puzzle, some in that part.


Our focus now is on putting the pieces in place. We don’t feel guilty about what pieces we put in place yesterday and we don’t feel anxious about what pieces we might put in place tomorrow. This is how we feel when we have our time under control.

What are the key elements to managing our time? Consolidate everything we need to do so that it is visible to us (lay out the pieces, face up!) and we are not anxious that we might have forgotten something or we are wasting energy trying to hold too many things in memory.

Schedule what we need to do over time (we see the big picture;we lay out the edges) so that it feels achievable. Focus on the work we have in front of us now so that we use our time to the full.

Unexpected things will come up but if we have a good framework in place we can re-schedule to fit in new tasks.

John Corrigan