It's all about Character!

The basis of a successful life

Brain plasticity means that we can, at any stage in life, build character.


It is the left hemisphere with its inability to modulate the sub-cortical regions of the brain that mean that challenging events can throw us into anxiety or a state of believing that we are not good enough. The shift in brain resources to the more primitive parts of the brain - as well as making us feel down - also limit our choices and abilities. In that mind state we ARE less capable.

The right hemisphere can modulate our feelings so that, yes, something is challenging but we can still stay positive and move forward despite the setback, with courage. We have character.

Using sustained attention to bring our right hemisphere back into the role of 'first responder' when something happens is the long-term strategy that builds character - we CAN reshape our brain's responses.

We can help others build character by using sustained attention with them. It is this that distinguishes the outstanding teacher or leader from others. It is this that makes us remember such people throughout our lives, they have a very substantial effect on making us who we are - people with character.

No matter where we stand today and we can further build our own character and help others to build theirs, especially children.

John Corrigan