Born Free!

Managing our time and attention well

When we manage both our time and attention well we feel a real sense of freedom.

When we manage our time well we are free of guilt about the past and anxiety about the future, what may happen. Instead, we are focused on the present. We have our left hemisphere under control.

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When our attention is well managed then we are focused on what is useful and valuable to use, and we ignore what is not useful, those things that are simply distractions. We have our right hemisphere in control.

When we manage both well we feel a great sense of freedom. Like the untamed animal we can use our time as suits us and we can pay attention to what matters to us. Our hemispheres are in natural balance.

When we are free in this way it is not an arbitrary freedom, we are not free to fritter away our time and attention.

To paraphrase Paul Tillich, the theologian, when we are free we can do no other than what we ought to do and when we do what we ought to do we are free.

A very powerful place to be.

John Corrigan