Know Thyself!

To have impact and growth

This famous exhortation by Socrates refers to someone finding their place within the stratified Greek society so as to fit in.

Today, we can more readily re-phrase this as find your place within an organisation so as to have impact and achieve ongoing growth.


Impact comes from delivering reliably the work that we do, having a clear direction in front of us with short and medium term goals/actions, and connecting effectively with everyone around us.

Equally, growth comes from doing our work, being connected and striving to achieve our goals.

Managing our time effectively is the way to improving the reliability of our delivery. When our direction is clear and we are able to focus then we go into flow, optimal for getting things done.

We connect effectively with everyone around us when we able to accept people as they are, without judgement, allowing ourselves to truly listen and thus build trust.

Clarifying our direction and setting goals comes from careful self-reflection and allowing both our conscious and unconscious minds contribute to the articulation of our thoughts.

Know thyself, know those around you and know where you are going!

John Corrigan