Do useful work

What are useful projects to do?

Generically,in professional organisations, senior leaders focus their attention on three things. In no particular order, ensuring that the organisation is aligned to meeting the needs of its stakeholders (customers, clients, parents, regulatory authorities, funders of various sorts) so as to increase the perceived value of the organisation over time.


Second, quality assurance, means ensuring that the work that is done by the organisation is to the required standard.

The third key issue is the attraction, development and retention of staff able to do the work of the organisation to the required standard.

Initiating projects that will make a positive impact in any of these areas is a good way to go to move the organisation forward.

Choosing an area to focus on will depend on where you are in the organisation, your skills and interests and the perceived areas where things might seem to be stuck. Projects should also be significant enough to have a noticeable impact. Doing a project by yourself works to practice but significant project susually involve others who need to buy into a common goal, one that is valuable to all members, to increase the chance of success.

Focused on what matters, meaningful and able to have impact. That’s a useful project.

John Corrigan