Be Free!

Once connected we are on the road to being free

[E]verything that is really great and inspiring is created bythe individual who can labour in freedom.
– Albert Einstein


Once deeply connected to others our self-efficacy, our confidence and our courage all grow. With courage we can move forward despite setbacks and with confidence in our own - growing– abilities we can create things of real worth. We become free.

We are social creatures, we cannot live in isolation but rather in mutually beneficial co-dependence.

We are talking here about operating in the blue zone which allows us to be self-aware, social, creative and with an ability to imagine a future better than today and to work towards it. It is the red zone that gets in the way, that isolates us, makes us self-centred, pessimistic and victim to overwhelming emotions.

Although we have all experienced operating in the red zone it is not a normal state for adult humans – it is common, but not normal - but rather one that we can and should help to fade away so as to reap the benefits of being confident, collaborative and creative all of the time.

With freedom comes a growing ability to do what we ought to do– to be ethical. In fact, when we are completely free we can do no other than what we ought to do and, conversely, when we do what we ought to do (i.e. we are courageous) we become free.

John Corrigan