Set Them Free!

Once free we can help others, too

[T]his I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. – John Steinbeck

Once we recognise that we are on a journey towards becoming free ourselves we have the opportunity to help others as well.


The first key is to operate in the blue zone as much as possible when we engage with other people. We may not do this perfectly but each time we see our red zones rising bringing awareness will help us quieten them down again and make us stronger for next time.

By holding ourselves in the blue zone we increase the chances of lifting the other person up as well and their capacity to manage down their red zone.

The second key is holding a growth mindset and applying it both to ourselves and to others. Whatever place people find themselves in there is a way forward to a better place, no-one is trapped.

Rather than getting stuck in the misery of the present we know that there is a better situation down the track so let’s get going and work out how to get there.

The third key is to use questions and dialogue that is oriented towards imagining this better future and planning – and committing to acting upon – the steps to get there.

Blue zone, growth mindset, opportunity- or solutions-focused questions. The three keys to the kingdom.

John Corrigan