Trust us!

Different levels of trust

When employees trust the people running the organisation to make the right strategic decisions – to do good work in a timely manner and take decisions that are in all stakeholders' best interests - then we have good strategy.

When employees trust processes that are well-designed, consistent and fair and the organisation delivers on its promises – does good work in a timely manner to the benefit of all stakeholders - then we have good organisation.


When employees trust their manager and each other to care for each other and do good work in a timely way then we have good people.

These three types of trust are distinct but reinforcing.

Further, when good strategy – where the institution is heading - aligns with good people – ready and able to do good work - then it provides the opportunity for meaning in people’s work.

When good strategy aligns with good organisation – the processes that frame organisational life - then employees can have real impact.

When good organisation is aligned with good people then there is clarity around how action is taken and outputs created.

When all these are in place then, as Google found (Project Aristotle 2012), high performance is the result.

John Corrigan