How Long?

For the red zone to fade away

How long does it take for a red zone to fade away, if we set out seriously to achieve that?

In the case of children, at ten years old, the childhood mind is in full control of the organism and the adult mind is about to emerge as a separate mind state. In many pre-industrial, non-hierarchical societies, children would go through rites of passage at the age of fifteen or sixteen when they were on the threshold of full adulthood. If we assume that the childhood mind had faded away by this point, then we are talking about five or six years for this fading away to take place.


For the change to take place there are very substantial changes that need to happen throughout the body, this is not just a change at the top but a root and branch change at the cellular level. The only estimate I have been able to find suggests six years for such a wholesale process to work its way through.

In my own experience, I began moving down this track seriously in February 2011, again six years ago. Now, I didn’t know what I was doing when I started but I had stumbled upon the necessary practices. It was only later that I realised the power of what I was doing.

It is possible that an adult with the confidence that it is possible to do could achieve this change in much less than six years.

However, you look at it, this is a feasible thing to do.

John Corrigan