The Way Ahead!

Encounter and a coaching culture

A coaching culture is a culture of encounter.

The benefits of a coaching culture are well known: deeper thinking and better decision-making, higher levels of empowerment and distributed leadership – problems get solved where they need to be solved - more time for leaders to focus on the important issues, stronger and deeper relationships implying higher levels of trust and dependability. A calmer and kinder environment, more productive overall.

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We can now add to this list that for those who coach the act of encounter reduces their red zones with consequent benefits for their well-being and effectiveness. These benefits gradually spread.

When viewed in this context, it is a no-brainer to take this route – clear organisational benefits and outstanding human benefits.

What stands in the way of doing this? The proportion of people who can follow the route of reducing their own red zones by themselves through encounter is quite limited – 10% perhaps?

Most people will reduce their red zones and improve their effectiveness and well-being through being part of an organisation that has such a culture.

Creating a coaching culture does not happen by itself, it must be led. Once again, the importance of those who can lead the way recognising that they need to stand up and lead.

Make encounter systematic through developing a coaching culture.

John Corrigan