Some Affirmation!

Live life and to the full

I have just spent the last two days at the PAVCSS Conference in Marysville. This is the only conference where I regularly take exhibition space and the quality of the conference itself is one reason for this.

Unlike other conferences PAVCSS brings one or two high quality speakers and then gives them four or five sessions over the two days to unpack their wisdom.


I attend all the sessions and it allows for my own professional development as well as to hear what it is that principals in the Catholic sector are talking about.

This year’s conference, in my view, has been the best that I have attended. The central speaker, Timothy Radcliffe, got to the heart of what it means “to live life and to live it to the full” the central Christian message.

I found the gradual unpacking of this to be hugely affirming to the direction that my own research and practice has taken, which has led to me putting encounter at the heart of everything I do. It is through encounter that I have learned to live and live life to the full.

I find it very encouraging that this is now the sort of conversation that is taking place at the highest levels in our Catholic Schools.

I should like to make an offer to any school that might be interested. I am very keen to run seminars or presentations to share and test these latest ideas with schools. These could be 30-45 minutes at lunch time, discussions with a faculty (e.g. RE), a leadership team or any other combination. I am trying to do at least one per week for the remainder of the year. If you are interested, please get in touch – or 0418 432 316.

John Corrigan