Stepping Up!

Confirming what we know

Last week I spoke in public for the first time for a long while to put some of these new ideas out to be tested with an audience that has not seen any of my work before. The response was extremely positive and my aim now is to increase the frequency of such events going forward.

Broadly, I spoke about four areas, two areas that defined the problem: the red zone-blue zone framework and how it has created most people to have two mind states available to them, and; how the structure of curriculum, traditional forms of pedagogy and classroom set-up have given most people a preference for operating with the left hemisphere in the lead role.


This latter maintains the two mind states in place as the left hemisphere has no ability to control the red zone and it also makes us more self-focused and less connected to other people through the way that the left hemisphere pays attention to the outside world.

In terms of solutions: meditation, mindfulness and encounter are the increasingly more useful practices we can call on with both meditation and mindfulness helping to manage the red zone and encounter helping it to fade away.

These practices can be applied as key steps on an individual development pathway but only 10-15% of people probably have the motivation and discipline to pursue such a pathway.

Encounter can be embedded within collective practices the two principle ones being coaching (and it is the use of encounter by the coach that creates the space for the coachee to do their deeper thinking and gain clarity and commitment to take action) and team-based activities where collaborative and high performing teams are formed in an environment that encourages encounter, this is the mechanism that builds trust.

As we travel on this journey our internal narrative also changes – we change it – and I am now interested in how that fits into this journey.

John Corrigan