Seek the Different!

It is this that is transformative

We can pay attention to the world in two modes: seeking the familiar and seeking the different.

Seeking the different, associated with the right hemisphere, allows us to take in new information, connect to ourselves (in the sense of our feelings and sensations) and connect to others. This mode of attending to the world is transformative, we will gradually change and grow in the direction of more life.

Seeking the familiar, associated with the left hemisphere, is about exploiting what is already known and is not transformative, we stay as we are.


We can become comfortable with change and a changing world if we approach events, people and ideas in difference seeking mode, with the right hemisphere leading.

The problem is, we have all acquired the learned behaviour of leading with the left hemisphere and the familiar seeking mode of paying attention.

The practice of Mindfulness is an effective way to activate our right hemisphere and get used to it leading. The practice of encounter is the most effective way to bring our right hemisphere fully into the lead role and gradually eliminate ‘emotional lateralisation’, the sudden switch from the right hemisphere to the left and then the uncontrolled triggering of the red zone that can limit our ability to engage fully in all circumstances.

Due to mirror neurons, if we are operating in the right hemisphere then we encourage those around us to do the same, the foundation for deep connection and collaboration.

There is no more important work for a leader than that of self-management, to keep their heads whilst all around people are losing theirs.

John Corrigan is an expert in helping individuals to bring their whole of mind to their daily life and increase their effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around them. This expertise scales from the individual to the team to the organisation. At the core of this work is the practice of encounter.

John Corrigan