The time has come!

Things really are beginning to change

I was talking with someone recently about how an idea appears, seems to be the ideal way forward but then is suppressed, only to appear two generations later in a more determined and concrete way.

The example we were using were the ideas of the 1960’s that advocated (and protested and partied!) for a less hierarchical society with more freedom – for women especially – deeper connection between people and greater equality.

Subsequently, we have seen the rise of much greater inequality, loneliness as an identifiable cause of shortened life expectancy, increased incidence of anxiety and depression and the use of fear to maintain the status quo.

Through this, however, we are now seeing the emergence of a much more determined set of ideas that are quietly being put in place, not just advocated for.

We thought about what things are emerging and four of the things we came up with were: the emergence of a growing acceptance that women should be free of violence, abuse and being second class citizens, the recognition that child abuse has been widespread but is no longer to be tolerated, the emergence of teams (and the collaboration they imply) as the key organising principle in organisations, the emergence and widespread use of coaching, which is changing how people engage with each other, for the better.

There are many more signs that a shift is taking place not least that we now want children to grow up to be confident, creative and collaborative rather than being competent but compliant as in the past.

There is nothing to stop an idea when its time has truly come.

John Corrigan