Change Up!

We must change too, to give others the best chance

It IS hard to change.

It is comfortable to do what we have always done.  Yet the world is not staying still, there are clear signs that we are coming to the end of an era – an epochal shift - and to face up to an uncertain future we need to be able to operate at our best, despite the challenges.

This even more true for our children.  The stable jobs that an older generation could look forward to are no longer there.  The idea that we can work hard and then take retirement is less and less tenable.  Our children will need to work their whole lives – as most humans always have.

Preparing our children to be able to handle the future is crucial.

More and more the science is showing that we do not grow in isolation, our brains are shaped by the interactions we have with others.  One outstanding teacher can change a life’s trajectory for the better, a parent who continually puts us down can have the opposite effect, making us prone to our red zones controlling our lives.


To create the best chance for our children we need to change ourselves so that we present to them our best selves, the aspects of us that will help them to operate as much as possible in the blue zone.

For our children to operate in the blue zone, we must strive to do the same.

Even if it is hard.

John Corrigan