The importance of connection

It is Encounter that deepens our ability to connect.  Connection occurs on four dimensions – connection to self, connection with another, connection to reality (grounding), and connection to something larger than ourselves (purpose).

Each of these connections emerges from the space that is created between two people when one (or ideally both) uses Encounter.  It is the particular properties of Encounter that allow our neural networks to extend and make connections that increase the level of sophistication with which we can engage with the world around us.


Connecting along these four dimensions creates the base from which competence and self-determination can develop and, in that sense, connection – and therefore Encounter – is the foundational practice,  yet in modern times Encounter often appears after Meditation and Mindfulness practices have taken hold.

Encounter creates the ideal environment for healthy growth to take place and is therefore particularly important in the adult-child and teacher-student interactions.

Encounter also creates the ideal internal environment to allow our own red zones to fade away.  We can help young people to grow without a red zone at the same time as we are helping our own red zone to fade away.

An elegant win-win.

John Corrigan