Quietly Connect!

Connecting is just practice

We can practice engaging fully with people whenever we are in the presence of someone else which in the modern world – for most people - will be most of the time that we are awake less the time that we are doing our own, detailed work that needs focus.  We have plenty of opportunity to pay full attention to others and practice responding with kindness and compassion, ultimately, causing the red zone to fade away.

At first, we think that we are wasting our time, placing all our attention on the other person.  We think, if my conscious mind is not active I am not being productive.

Having our conscious mind quiet does not mean that our whole mind is quiet, far from it.


With a quiet conscious mind our unconscious can take in everything and is free to find patterns and connections, which lead to new knowledge, understanding and connection.

By quietening our conscious mind, we are removing a filter rather than shutting down a helpful resource.

We are more productive in this mode of paying attention rather than less.

In parallel to being more productive we are also doing the work that causes our red zone to fade away.

So, practice, practice, practice.


John Corrigan is an expert in helping individuals to bring their whole of mind to their daily life and increase their effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around them. This expertise scales from the individual to the team to the organisation. At the core of this work is the practice of encounter.  Earlier blogs can be found here.

John Corrigan