Student Feedback

Collecting and using student feedback to build twenty first century skills

I received the first proof copy yesterday of the second book in the series that focuses on developing the teacher-student relationship to prepare students for an uncertain future.

The first book in the series is Red Brain Blue Brain and the research for the third book has just begun with a large-scale survey of school leaders.

Student Feedback focuses on the systematic collection and use of student feedback to individual teachers as a means to change the dynamics of the teacher-student relationship, from its historic one-sided nature to becoming more mutual.

Student Feedback - building twenty-first-century skills - 2019.png

This has been a really enjoyable book to write pulling together many years of experience, both mine and that of senior school leaders who appear in the six case studies that punctuate the book.

The book starts with cases studies of two anonymous students โ€“ their experiences were an eye-opener for me, what might have happened for them if, at key moments, their feedback had been listened to.

The book should be available from early June.


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