Be still!

The goal is stillness, but the journey is bumpy

One of the benefits of pursuing vertical development is that gradually our minds become still as fewer and fewer things need to be held at bay to maintain our world view.

A quiet mind means that we have few if any anxieties about the future and few if any concerns about the past.  However, this is not a steady journey as when we move from one stage to another we can go through a ‘dry’ period where we are leaving behind what we know and what we are becoming is not yet clear.

It is during these periods that we need the support of those around us, just as we do this for children as they make the amazing journey from newborn to a fully functioning adult.

The adult journey is no less amazing, although a lot less visible to the casual observer.

Claude Monet - Still Life with Apples and Grapes - 1880.

Claude Monet - Still Life with Apples and Grapes - 1880.

To face up to the complex, even existential, problems that society now faces we need many more people at higher levels of development so gradually, as a society, we must re-order things so that such growth is encouraged and supported.

Schools are the ideal place to start so that young adults are not inhibited in their growth in the way that so many adults have been.

It is so strange that such an important part of human development has been kept out of the light for so long. 


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