Developing Leaders

Coaching Leaders


Most leaders aspire to be successful.  Our goal is blue zone!

John is all about operating in the blue zone, operating at our best, and helping those around us to do the same.

Why Coach?

Coaching with John creates Leaders who can maximise their leadership potential, and lead engaged and productive teams.

Training follows a predetermined curriculum. Coaching is tailored to the individual leader and the specific needs they have. Coaching empowers a leader to move up the leader development model.

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When to Coach?

Leadership coaching is a valuable developmental strategy when:

  • Addressing a particular area of need in a leader’s skill set or approach
  • Supporting a newly promoted leader
  • Developing the potential of a high performer
  • Helping a leader get out of their own way
  • Complementing a significant leadership development program, particularly one that includes 360 feedback
  • Empowering a leader to lead confidently and sustainably

How does it work?

Increased awareness and increased competency or skill leads to increased effectiveness – with clearer purpose, greater focus and more connection to colleagues we can lead with greater ease and confidence.  Coaching expands both awareness and competency, and creates Blue Zone Leadership.


John’s coaching programs are solution-focused and draw on a deep understanding of how our brains work – and been shaped to work – in unhelpful ways.  As well as leadership skill development, John works with clients to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that are no longer of service.

John is highly skilled in designing and facilitating workshops, conversations and meetings and uses this skill to help clients improve the performance of their teams through helping them to use better processes that build higher levels of trust and ownership, and focus teams on the work they ought to be doing to be most effective.


Individual Coaching Programs for selected leaders

The Program: 8 x 60-minute sessions (first session is 90 minutes) over 4 months
• Optional, collection of feedback from colleagues

Cost: $5,000 + GST per individual program

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