Developing Wellbeing: Workshop

Living in the Blue Zone


Most of us operate with two mind states available to us.  In one, the blue zone, we are at our best – confident collaborative and creative.  In the other, the red zone, we become self-focused – impulsive, overwhelmed with emotion and lacking the ability to choose our response.

To be effective as leaders and educators we need to model our best selves to our colleagues and students.  In the red zone, we cannot do this.  By reducing red zone triggering we can reduce stress, increase our well-being and increase our influence on others.  Operating in the red zone can have serious consequences for our health and relationships.

We all try hard to stay more in the blue zone than the red zone but preventing the red zone from triggering sometimes seems beyond our control.

It is not hard to recognise this, we experience it everyday in our own behaviour and in the behaviour of colleagues and students.

The question is, what can we do about it?

This workshop is highly interactive and takes participants through:

  • the science that established, as recently as the 1960’s, that we all need love, kindness and affection to grow in healthy ways
  • that there is more than one form of motivation and it is time to leave controlled motivation (rewards and punishments) behind and embrace autonomous motivation (doing something because it interests us/we enjoy it/we value it)
  • where the red zone comes from, why it continues to persist and that ‘living in the blue zone’ is by far the best way to live
  • understand the concept of ‘encounter’ which, like a super-power, allows us to develop ourselves to operate more often at our best whilst influencing those around us to do so as well
  • develop with colleagues a collective understanding around how we want to live our lives
  • set at least one goal and work with a ‘buddy’ to develop actions and accountabilities to meet the goal, thus living more in the blue zone

This is an effective way to establish a common set of behaviours amongst your staff as well as stimulating them to action that will engage students to a higher degree, reduce disciplinary issues and improve the quality of learning taking place.

Enrol at least two (or more) staff in a public program or contact John to run an inhouse program.



Upcoming Workshop

workshop - blue zone title.png

Living in the Blue Zone

Date: Friday 20th April
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Where: Melbourne TBC
Numbers: maximum of 30
Cost: $450 + GST

  • “Living in the Blue Zone" gives a framework for respectful and positive relationships. I thought the structure of the sessions and the day was logical and purposeful.”
    Warren Tofts — Acting Principal
    Coburg Special Development School
  • “Thank you. It was perfect!”
    Sally Smith — Assistant Principal
    Coburg Special Development School
  • “I think the Buddy System will work really well for our school. I think the link between compassion and success is really powerful and a good message for our community as a whole.”
    Courtney — Teacher
  • “Thank you for such useful and practical information.”
    Rachael — Speech Pathologist
  • “I really enjoyed that the workshop was interactive and maximised involvement of participants”
    John — Teacher