Developing Wellbeing

Fostering Engagement and Wellbeing


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When teachers operate at their most accomplished, we see healthy classroom engagement with students willingly doing their best work, elevated levels of teacher collaboration and mutual support - less down time through stress - and, simply, more time available as fewer issues escalate beyond the moment.

This workshop is about how we can more often and more deeply connect with colleagues and students to create these outcomes. 

What you will learn:

  • That most of us have two mind states (the blue brain where we are at our best and the red brain where we are not) which get in the way of being at our most effective all the time.  You will learn how this has arisen, leading to a sound basis for optimising your own practice and inspiring those around you

  • The importance of managing our attention and strategies to use our attention to enhance relationships and have a profound impact on the wellbeing, development and success of others – both students and colleagues

  • Strategies to sustainably manage, reduce and ultimately eliminate our own red brain so that we can be at our best more and more often

This is a one-day workshop open to teaching staff at any level from the newly graduated to those in senior positions.  Participants will get a copy of Red Brain Blue Brain, strategies for turning our relationships - with students and colleagues - into deep, reciprocal connections, inspiring greater application and achievement, and strategies for managing our own state, reducing stress and enhancing good health.


No further workshops in 2019

Fostering Engagement and Wellbeing

Date: Tuesday 10th March 2020
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Where: Inner Melbourne TBC
Numbers: 30+
Cost: $350 + GST

Morning tea and lunch are both included.

Fostering Engagement and Wellbeing
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